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Curtain Call

For the last time ever, John and Cal sit down to talk about the NFL draft. They run through the first round of the NFL draft and discuss some of the winners and some of the head scratching picks in round 1. John and Cal also talk about the last 3 years and say goodbye to you the fans. We thank you for being supportive over the years and for putting up with all of our shenanigans.

Cinderella Still Dancing

After checking our heart rates John and Cal make it back to the studio after a wild weekend of tournament games. And after how wild of a year it was it is only fitting that the tournament follows suit with sweetheart 15 seed Oral Roberts makes it to the Sweet 16, Loyola Chicago is back and Sister Jean is looking for revenge after their Final 4 run and we also break news on the NBA trade deadline all throughout the show!

March Madness Special

It is that time of the year once again as John and Cal sit down and make every pick on the bracket for the NCAA Men’s Tournament. We look at the teams that could be on upset alert, we break out the sharpies, and we also talk about how dominant the Big 12 and Big 10 have been this year. Make sure to get yourself ready for the weekend with this episode of 3 Strikes!

The Greatest Era of Sports Ever?

On this week of 3 Strikes the boys look at the fresh off the press NBA All Star starters and try to project who we think will get snubbed and LeBron hitting 35,000 career points and when he may catch Kareem. Carson Wentz was traded to the Colts and we weigh the risk vs. reward. Finally we talk tennis, college hoops, and how this may be the best era of sports ever.

Tompa Bay Reigns Supreme

After maneuvering some roadblocks the boys finally get to sit back down and talk about the sports world. Tom Brady once again is a Super Bowl champ and looks like he isn’t slowing down any. There could be a lot of quarterback shake up in the NFL now that the season is done so we look at some candidates to get moved, and we also take a quick glance at the MVP race in the NBA.

Trades Galore

After a long winter break John and Cal are back and ready to talk about sports. The MLB has had a hectic offseason up to this point and the boys talk about some of the big moves including all the dealing the Padres have been doing. The trades don’t just stop as we take a look at the Harden trade and how it may possibly not be ideal for Brooklyn, and finally we make predictions for the championship games in the NFL and look ahead to the Super Bowl.

NBA Draft Special

Last podcast of 2020, and for the first time John and Cal get to talk about the NBA draft as soon as it happens and there is a lot to unpack with this draft. We look at almost all 60 picks and talk about the picks that we love and don’t love. Spoiler we love a lot of picks because here at 3 Strikes we love potential. We also look at some of the guys who in our eyes got snubbed in the draft. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes, on our Twitters @calstoner32 @therealjohnkay_ and @Trinebroadcast.

Contender or Pretender

The countdown to the end of the semester is on for the boys but they still had time to swing into the studio for this week.They talk about Kim Ng Being hired as the first female GM in the big 4 sports and how huge that is going forward. We also look over the MLB awards and who we were pleasantly surprised seeing hoist some hardware. Then on the gridiron we look at if the Steelers 8-0 record makes them legit contenders and same thing with some of the sneaky top 25 teams in the NCAA.


The Boys return after another 2 week break, not because of COVID this time. They give their final thoughts on the World Series and how sometimes the analytics need to be thrown in the trash. The NBA season will start around Christmas so be on the lookout for offseason news from us, and we talk about the crazy NCAA football season and clown on the Jets… A LOT. Follow us on Twitter @therealjohnkay_ @calstoner32 @trinebroadcast and on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes

Tanking for Trevor

Quarantine can’t stop us this time, Cal calls in from quarantine as we discuss what is going on in the sports world. The Lakers wrap up the NBA Finals for their 17th championship, we look ahead to the next season in our yearly way too early NBA Finals picks. Le’Veon Bell got cut from the Jets and the Chiefs immediately scooped him up, Dak has a scary injury and is Russell Wilson MVP? We could possibly see the World Series set tonight as the Braves are up 3-1 on the Dodgers and the Rays hold a 3-2 lead over the Astros. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes and on Twitter @therealjohnkay_ and @Calstoner32

Championship SZN

They finally let John out of his room for the first time in 2 weeks, but the sports world didn’t stop for him. We are now deep in the MLB playoffs as the Braves and Dodgers have both locked themselves into the NLCS, and the Astros have one of the ALCS spots on lock. The NFL is a quarter of the way through the season, and the NBA Finals could possibly end tonight as the Lakers are up 3-1 on the Miami Heat and we have it all for you. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes, and our Twitters @therealjohnkay_ @calstoner32 and @trinebroadcast

Cellar to Stellar?

John and Cal got to enjoy another fantastic week of sports. MLB playoff races are going to be a trend going forward as things are heating up in September. We look at some teams to watch and who could steal a division. NFL season kicked off last night, and we look at the weekend matchups. NBA has one team already moving into the Conference finals and the Raptors and Celtics have a game 7. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes and on Twitter @therealjohnkay_ & @calstoner32 to stay up to date.

Game 7's Galore

Things are starting to get crazy in the sports world, and John and Cal have their takes on it. There have been some big moves in the NFL world as some big time names have been cut. NHL has 3 Game 7’s this weekend, MLB had a crazy trade deadline, and NBA playoffs living up to the hype. Follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes, and on Twitter @therealjohnkay_ , @calstoner32 , and @Trinebroadcast to not miss an episode.

Game 7 Who?

Hot takes in coming, John and Cal look at the MLB deadline coming up and teams that might need to make some moves to make a run in October and teams that could be looking to sell. They also journey inside the bubble to look at the playoff games going on and make some predictions about serieses ending and the next round. Make sure to follow us on Facebook at HAC 3 Strikes, on Twitter @therealjohnkay_ , @calstoner32, and @Trinebroadcast.

Back in Business

It feels like forever since we have been able to do this but here we are, John and Cal have returned after a long lay off and they have a lot to say. The boys take a brief look at the NHL Playoffs, recap the NFL offseason as crazy as it was. The boys also get into the shortened MLB season and of course the NBA Playoffs. You’re not going to want to miss out on one of the best 3 Strikes episodes yet.

Crippling Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is crippling the sports world, events are starting to be held without fans and it has the boys very upset. John and Cal take a sneak peak at what may happen during conference tournament weekend as we get ready to head into March Madness. Also very quickly at the end we get into some of the big NFL questions that will be answered soon!

Impending Madness

The stars were out in Chicago for NBA All-star weekend, and it was fantastic. But it was not without controversy, as the dunk contest blew up social media. Baseball is officially back with spring training games starting today, and the Daytona 500 didn’t disappoint even with a scary ending.

More for the Kids

A wild ending to the trade deadline, and an even wilder proposition by the MLB has got John and Cal in the studio. Pitchers have been throwing bullpens today and has us in a spring mindset, the XFL after one week just might be here to stay as they seem to have better footing than other leagues have had. And of course the NBA trade deadline has passed and John is once again disappointed in Detroit Sports.

Houston Has More Problems

John and Cal look at another hectic week of sports. First we look at the barnburner of a Super Bowl we had between the Chiefs and 49r’s, and we had 2 blockbuster trades in 2 different sports last night. We talk about how the Dodgers need to win this year, and how the Houston Rockets might be self destructing after dealing Clint Capela.

Thank You Kobe

It was a difficult weekend for everyone as we grieve the loss of a superhero, his daughter, and the others lost in the tragic helicopter crash. Cal and John talk about the impact that Kobe had on us, not only with basketball but life. They also talk about this weekend’s upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Chiefs and 49’rs.

Hallowed Halls

John and Cal are back for another week of sports talk, this week we dive into the Hall of Fame results, and talk about how steroids shouldn’t matter anymore. The boys also discuss the brawl between Kansas and Kansas State after the buzzer and our leading candidates to score 80 in a game in the NBA.

Caught Red Handed

John and Cal are joined by Griffin Watson on this week’s episode. Joe Burrow and LSU rule the College Football World taking down Clemson in a great game. The NFL Playoffs have provided the fireworks we thought they would, with Kansas City having a huge comeback, and the Titans slaying another beast. The MLB brings down some punishment on the Astros and Red Sox for cheating.


John and Cal are back to kick off the spring semester, and they have a lot to say. They discuss some of what they missed while they were gone, a wild Wild Card weekend, and some of the departures from the college football world to the draft. They also talk about the thumping Oklahoma took at the hands of Joe Burrow, and how Ohio State got a taste of the bad refereeing.

Decade of Amazing Sports

John and Cal are back for the last episode of 2019. The boys take a look at what transpired during the conference championship games and the first round of the college football playoff. Finally, with it being the end of a decade, they take a look back at some of their favorite and most heartbreaking moments from the past 10 years.

Hard(en) To Watch

John and Cal are back for more this week, and the boys talk about how James Harden is making the Rockets hard to watch, how Luka dominated November and are a real contender in the West. NFL is starting to heat up as we enter the tail end of the regular season, and Cal talks about how his Bears have a chance. Finally the guys predict Big 10 basketball dominance and how Conference Championship weekend is huge for some teams looking to make the College Football Playoff.

Luka-ing Like MVP

John and Cal pop into the studio to talk about all the wildness that has gone down in the sports world over the past week. We start off by sending our prayers and good vibes out to Tua who suffered a terrible season ending injury, and we talk about how Bama could be in trouble. Jalen Hurts leads a big comeback over win over Baylor, Luka Doncic is making a push for MVP in the early goings of the NBA season, and the Thursday Night Football Fiasco between the Steelers and Browns.

*jim mora voice* PLAYOFFS?!?!

On this week of 3 Strikes John and Cal talk about how the NCAA needs to rethink how they handle some of the issues with their student athletes, Colin Kaepernick is getting a workout set up by the NFL, but is it going to amount to anything? Also Baylor upsets Team USA, and is the first college team to beat Team USA since 1999.

Having Nunn Of It

John and Cal are back, and like always they have a lot to discuss after another crazy week of sports. The boys talk about how stacked the top of the rankings are in college football after the first official playoff rankings come out, and how it is just a matter of time before it is an 8 team playoff, plus all the players in the NFL that are coming back from injury and how the NBA looks like a time machine.

Home Heartbreak

We have witnessed history as the Washington Nationals have been crowned champions of the MLB. We talk MVP and a little bit of early free agency for baseball. Cal tells John why saying the Warriors are out of playoff contention in the NBA is an over-reaction, and then how LSU vs. Alabama could possibly decide the Heisman winner.

The Boy Juander

On this episode of 3 Strikes John and Cal talk about how Juanderful the Nationals and Juan Soto have been in the World Series with their 2-0 lead over the Astros, and how the Nats starters have outdueled the Stro’s two aces. Two trades in the NFL could prove to be huge for the last 2 remaining undefeated teams, also are the Colts Super Bowl contenders? Lastly the NBA is finally back and we have our picks for who could take home hardware at the end of the year.

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